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Things to look for in cleaning up the FAQ pages that have been brought over from the CAP Knowledgebase:

  • Is the question/answer in the correct FAQ page (e.g., flight operations goes in Flight Operations FAQ, emergency services goes in Emergency Services FAQ)
  • Is the answer still current and relevant for CAP today
  • Does the answer cite official guidance (e.g., regulations, standards, pamphlets) that is valid today
  • Are there multiple questions/answers that are similar and could be consolidated into a single question/answer

Things to do while cleaning up FAQ pages:

  • Remove double quotations ("") that were brought in during the import
  • Remove excerpts of CAP publications from the body of the FAQ answer and replace with a link to the publication (use the template below) and reference to the section. Summarization or context of the publication's content is acceptable, but may increase future workload if publication changes affect the answer.
  • Consolidate and/or remove similar or duplicate questions/answers
  • Simplify the question to one sentence wherever possible; remove scenario examples that make the question extensive
  • Replace links to and references of CAP publications with the template (These will hyperlink to the current CAP publications/forms website and future-proof any changes to the CAP website. In the future, this may hyperlink directly to the current copy of the publication/form):
{{Pub|<insert publication number, with a | between CAPP/CAPR/CAPS/CAPVA and the number>}}, such as {{Pub|CAPR|10-1}}


{{Form|<insert form number, with a | between CAPF and the number}}, such as {{Form|CAPF|2}}

Once a page has been completely reviewed and all information is current and accurate, please remove the {{CAP Knowledgebase only}} template slug from the top of the page.