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What is HUBCAP?

HUBCAP is the eServices application used to capture and distribute member driven innovations. It was designed by the volunteer members of the IT Technical Advisory Group and is managed by a cross functional group of CAP members, known as the Innovation Pit Crew (IPC). HUBCAP on eServices

What is the Role of the Innovation Pit Crew (IPC)

The IPC is a group of volunteer members who will review all HUBCAP submissions for regulatory, statutory and security compliance. If a submission is determined to be compliant, the IPC makes it available on the appropriate platform to view and/or reuse.

How Does HUBCAP Work?

A member has the ability to submit an innovation solution, including supporting artifacts, to the online HUBCAP application. The Innovation Pit Crew, reviews for regulatory, statutory and security compliance. If compliant, the IPC sets the submission to “active”. It’s now available for all members to view, reuse, and rate. If a submission is determined to fall into the “best practice” category, the IPC will move it into CAPipedia.

How Does CAPipedia Work?

CAPipedia is CAP’s wiki, designed and managed by the IT Technical Advisory and Functional Users Groups as a vehicle for sharing best practices across the member community. Any member with an account can contribute to the wiki.

How does CAPipeida work?

A member can request a CAPipedia account allowing them to submit best practice ideas. CAPipedia also serves as a marketplace to find an innovation partner to help move an idea to a solution.

What's New in HUBCAP

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