Aerospace Education

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CAP's Aerospace Education program aims to educate not only cadets and senior members, but also our communities by offering STEM resources to educators.

AE for Cadets

New cadets progress through the seven Aerospace Dimensions modules, and experienced cadets study Aerospace history using the book Aerospace: The Journey of Flight. Many aerospace related activities and opportunities are also open to cadets.

Aerospace Dimensions Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Flight

Module 2: Aircraft Systems and Airports

Module 3: Air Environment

Module 4: Rockets

Module 5: Space Environment

Module 6: Spacecraft

Module 7: Cyber Security

Aerospace: The Journey of Flight

Orientation Flights

Orientation flights follow a curriculum that complements and expands upon the first three Aerospace Dimensions modules, giving cadets the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real flight situations. Orientation flights are not simply "airplane rides". Cadets are able to actually fly the airplane under the supervision of an experienced pilot.


Stellar Xplorers

AE for Senior Members

The Yeager Award

AE in the Community

Aerospace Education Members (AEM)

Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flights

Aerospace Education Workshops

Aerospace Education in Local Schools and Other Community Organizations