How to request a Spaatz Exam

From CAPipedia

Cadets that have completed the Eaker Achievement can request the Spaatz Exam

1. Action by Cadet. The cadet submits to the wing commander (endorsed by the unit commander and copied to wing/CP) a request to attempt the exam.

  The email includes:
  * Cadet’s name
  * Indicate the test attempt (first, second, third)
  * and whether the cadet has served in the active duty military 
  The cadet should also include some proposed dates and locations for testing, marked by order of preference.

2. Action by Wing.

  If the wing commander grants approval, the wing/CP connects the cadet with a test administrator. 
  If the wing commander disapproves the cadet’s request, then he or she must provide the cadet with a written explanation of the decision within 30 days. 
  Disapproval by wing is subject to appeal (Refer to CAPR 60-1)

3. Appeal & Action by Region.

  If a wing commander denies a cadet permission to test, the cadet may appeal to the respective region commander. 
  The region commander must uphold or overturn the wing commander’s decision

For updated information Refer to CAPR 60-1 (Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award Exams)