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HUBCAP…Announcing CAP’s new Innovation portal!

Civil Air Patrol’s new innovation (HUBCAP) is focused on honoring the contributions to innovation our members make every day by highlighting and making accessible innovative solutions that enhance mission execution and/or mission relevance. Designed by the Technical Advisory Group – your Region IT leadership team, HUBCAP will serve as an eServices repository where innovation solutions will be shared with other CAP members. All active CAP members will have the ability to submit their innovations to the portal, as well as browse the repository for posted solutions that may meet a local operational challenge. HUBCAP will be deployed in two phases:

Phase 1: (Launched on 10 December)
Scope: IT solutions
How it works: Software developers who own a code repository, as are available in services such as GitHub, can submit a request to post a link on HUBCAP. Members who submit their ideas will certify that their solution meets CAP regulation requirements and that they agree to allow free use of their solutions to other CAP members. The Innovation Pit Crew will perform a security review of linked code. If no security concerns are notated, the TAG will approve the link. Members will then be able to access the code for reuse to support their local requirements. Members will also be able to rate the repository in order to assist others in identifying high value solutions. It is important to note that the TAG review is focused on the security of the code, not functionality. There is no evaluation of the “goodness” of an idea, no approval gates to pass. The goal is to determine the highest value solutions through crowdsourcing by members via their ratings and the volume of reuse.

Phase 2: (August 2020)
Scope: Other Innovation Artifacts
How it works: HUBCAP will be expanded beyond IT code, to allow for sharing of other types of innovative solutions. Again, members who submit their innovations will certify that their solution does not violate CAP regulations and that they agree to allow free use of their solutions to CAP members. Approval for inclusion will be limited to cursory review for safety or security concerns but there will be no approval gates. These innovations will be evaluated through the same crowdsourcing approach.

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