WMIRS Sign in non-CAP aircraft or vehicles

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For non-CAP aircraft and vehicles to be signed into a mission, WMIRS requires an approval letter from the CC/IC. When an the aircraft or vehicle in question belongs to another agency or belongs to a non-CAP member (such as a friend of a missing pilot that is participating in the incident) there is no CAP regulation that dictates that such an approval document is required. WMIRS needs to be modified to eliminate this requirement for non-CAP member owned resources, such as adding a button to select to skip this requirement. Having to generate a "memo" to allow the sign-in to proceed interferes with the incident management and will be immediately recognized as not being ICS-complient by any agency assisting CAP.

CAPR 70-1 states:

“ Requests for use of member-owned/furnished aircraft will not be approved unless a copy of the airworthiness certificate, current Hold Harmless Agreement (HHA) and CAPF 71 are on file with the CAP-USAF LR for AFAMs or the Wing Commander or designee for Corporate Missions. Copies of the airworthiness certificate, current HHA and CAPF 71 should be uploaded to the WMIRS mission files for reference when used since the use of member-owned/furnished aircraft is rare.”

“ The requester must request approval to carry non-CAP passenger(s) at least 5 days in advance. The requester must also load non-CAP passenger requests and approvals or disapprovals to WMIRS as an attachment in the Mission Files of the appropriate mission.”