Veteran Equivalency

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  1. Introduction/Premise
    1. Each branch of the military has a unique set of specialty codes that define a member’s specific job, or specialty, within their branch of service.
    2. These specialty codes can represent their primary job in the military, training to augment their specialty, or education and training that extends beyond their specialty.
    3. CAP has tools in place to record some training, such as leadership and management courses however much specialized training and experience goes unrecognized.
  2. Benefits
    1. The ability to identify a member’s specialized education, training and experience can help define their career path within CAP.
      1. A veteran’s experience can greatly enhance their unit’s effectiveness across all our missions.
      2. Using existing knowledge to help others provides a sense of worth and as a result, increases member retention.
      3. Redundant CAP training could be reduced or eliminated.
      4. Members could receive advanced specialty ratings based on previous experience.
Branch Code Description Other Experience CAP Specialty Duty Positions
Air Force 11S2M "Pilot, Special Operations"
Army 35D Intelligence Officer
Air Force 43151 Jet aircraft mechanic
Air Force 1551C Weapons System Operator F-4
Air Force 51JX Assistant Judge Advocate Legal Legal
Air Force 8824 Area Defense Counsel Legal Legal
Air Force 32631C Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
Army 97B Counter Intelligence Special Agent
Army 73C20 Finance Clerk Finance Finance
Army 64C Truck driver
Marines 5921 Hawk Radar Repairer
Marines 331 Machine Gunner
Air Force 42E3 Clinical Optometrist Health Services HSO
Air Force 2521 Weather Officer
Air Force 2524 "Weather Officer, Senior"
Air Force 2546 "Weather Officer, Advanced"
Air Force 291x0 Communications Specialist Communications Communications
Army 51 Communications Communications Communications
Air Force 20150 Intelligence Operations Specialist
Air Force 12F3D RF4 Navigator
Army 24F20 Hawk Fire Control Mechanic
Air Force 1C191 Air Traffic Controller
Army 11H Infantry
Army 71L Administration Supervisor Administration Administration
Air Force 68G Aircraft Structural Repair
Army 150 "Aircraft Maintenance, Warrant Officer"
Air Force 8C000 Family Readiness Superintendent
Air Force 2W191 Aircraft Armament Superintendent
Air Force T2W171 Aircraft Armament Field Training Instructor Instructor Vol_U_Instructor
Air Force 43171C Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Maintenance Officer
Air Force 27151 Flight Operations Specialist
Air Force 27171 Flight Operations Technician
Air Force 1535 Navigator
Air Force 1115B F-100 Fighter Pilot
Air Force 1351B "Instructor Pilot, T-37"
Air Force 1495Z Flight Operations
Army 206.1 Analytic Equipment Repair
Navy 1310 Pilot
Air Force 272x0 Air Traffic Controller
Air Force 2A5x3A Integrated Avionics Component Specialist
Air Force 2A5x0 Integrated Avionics Systems Specialist
Army 750-BT Basic Combat Infantry
Army 67N Maintenance - helicopters
Army 35A Military Intelligence
Air Force unknown "Military Professor, Army War College" "Professor, Army War College" Vol_U_Instructor
Air Force 3A051 administration Administration
Army 9601 Cryptanalytic Officer
Air Force 3P071 Security Forces
Army 152F0 AH-64 pilot
Army 98B20 Cryptanalytic specialist
Air Force 3124G Missle Maintenance Officer
Air Force 90200 Medical Services
Air Force 4N0X1 Medical Technician
Army 11B10 Infantry
Army 92Y20 Supply Logistics Logistics/Supply
Army 88M20 Transportation Logistics Transportation
Air Force 30454 Ground Radio repairman Communications communications
Air Force 2T131 Vehicle Operator/Fleet Managwer Logistics Transportation
Army 63G20 Fuel and Electrical Systems specialist
Air Force unknown electronics Officer Commander
Air Force unknown Communications Director Communications communications
Air Force 2A353B Aircraft Maintenance