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  1. Introduction/Premise
    1. Each branch of the military has a unique set of specialty codes that define a member’s specific job, or specialty, within their branch of service.
    2. These specialty codes can represent their primary job in the military, training to augment their specialty, or education and training that extends beyond their specialty.
    3. CAP has tools in place to record some training, such as leadership and management courses however much specialized training and experience goes unrecognized.
  2. Benefits
    1. The ability to identify a member’s specialized education, training and experience can help define their career path within CAP.
      1. A veteran’s experience can greatly enhance their unit’s effectiveness across all our missions.
      2. Using existing knowledge to help others provides a sense of worth and as a result, increases member retention.
      3. Redundant CAP training could be reduced or eliminated.
      4. Members could receive advanced specialty ratings based on previous experience.