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Some ES qualifications require other documents to be uploaded. It is always better to upload more documents than you need. These are the steps to upload a document:

  1. The first step is to save the document as a PDF. Name the Document with your Lastname CAPID and what it is. dlugiewicz_454356_PODC
  2. Select Specialty Qualification Training (SQTR) entry https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.OPSQuals.Web/EmergencyServices/SQTR.aspx
  3. Enter your CAPID or the CAPID of the person you are uploading for and click the magnifying glass.
  4. Select the achievement (like AP Airborne Photography or PODC - Point Of Distribution Course)
  5. Select View/Upload Documents (under your name)
  6. Select the Emergency Services Tab
  7. Select what you want to upload for (like AP Airborne Photography) If you don't find the right one, use the Other Selection
  8. Click choose file (find the file that you saved above in step 1)
  9. Click upload ES File