Specialty Tracks

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Specialty Tracks

Specialty Tracks allow members to be trained in areas that either help satisfies their personal interests or fulfill a unit's needs.

Available Specialty Tracks

There are a number of specialty tracks that can be assigned to a member within eServices, they are: PENDING LIST OF ACTUALLY ASSIGNABLE SPEC TRACKS

Specialty Track Code Guide
Personnel 200 P200
Public Affairs 201 P201
Finance 202 P202
Inspector General 203 P40-20
Professional Development 204 P40-40
Administration 205 P205
Logistics 206 P206
Operations 211 P211
Standardization-Evaluation 212 P212
Emergency Services 213 P70-3
Communications 214 P214
Aerospace Education 215 P214
Cadet Programs 216 P60-11
Safety 217 P217
Legal 219 P219
Health Services 220 Not Available
Chaplain 221 P221
Command 222 P222
Historian 223 P223
Character Development 225 P225
Recruiting and Retention Officer 226 P226
Information Technology 227 P227

How to Assign a Specialty Track in eServices

Most of the above specialty tracks can be assigned by either the Personnel Officer, Professional Development Officer, or the Commander at the members home unit, other tracks may need to be assigned by a higher level commander or even NHQ.