Ops quatifications documentation required for flying under basic med

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In operations quals uploads, it calls for a certificate- I assume that is the AOPA certificate issued after completing course. What "supporting" documentation is required?

Pilots will still need to provide CAP some documentation when operating under BasicMed in order to comply with our exemptions. In order to comply with the requirements of our FAA exemptions, CAP personnel choosing to operate under BasicMed will have to upload the following documents in Ops Quals:

  • A copy of your valid state driver’s license or expired driver’s license as allowed for military personnel.
  * Military personnel can use their expired driver's licenses as long as they possess documentation from the State, territory, or possession indicating the continued validity of the driver's license, based on that state’s military status exception. The documentation of validity can be information from a website of that State/territory/possession. 
  * You must also possess documentation indicating your military status. In this case, the active duty military identification card and appropriate documentation must be uploaded in Ops Quals.
  • The date of your FAA Medical examination per the Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist.
  • A copy of your BasicMed course completion certificate.

Here's a link to the PDF describing basic med (you may have to copy the link to your browser)