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FAA Best Practice with Tower or non-controlled airport

When checking in with a FAA facility the first thing that they ask after you give them your CAP call sign is "say type". When landing or taking off from a non-controlled airport using the CAP call sign (e.g. CAP 4359) other aircraft have no idea of what to be looking out for (could it be a Citation?). A simple and effective solution would be to adopt what the airlines (and many jets) use when flying into non-controlled airport...they add they type after the registration number. In our case it would be CAP 4359, a Skylane or CAP 4359 a Cessna 182. First it would omit another 2 radio calls; the FAA asking "say type" of aircraft and us replying to "say type". It also gives the same info to anyone on or about a non-towered airport. It is more efficient, arguably a bit safer, and best of all its a free best practice.