Online Training Best Practices

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Online Training Best Practices

Software Options

This is very similar to the remote operations software

Google Classroom




How to's

Taking Attendance for a Class
  1. Tools needed:
       Excel or Google Sheets (or some other spreadsheet)
       Text Editor 
       Ability capture a chat window on Google Meets, Zoom etc
  1. Create a copy of a spreadsheet that has the class information (CAPID/Name etc) It could be something like these columns:
       Day1	Day 2		Other1	Other2	Other 3	Name	Last Name	CAPID	Email
      In each of these columns row 2, put this formula  =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(I2,'Day1'!$A$1:$A$55,1,FALSE)), "No", "Yes") (I2 is the capid, 'Day1' is the first sheet, $A$1:$A$55 (assumes not more than 55 name)
      Copy to day2, other1, other 2 etc and the only change you need is to set it to I2 (if that's the CAPID) and the right sheet name)
      Copy all those columns down to the bottom
      Highlight the day1 to otherxx, and do a conditional formatting, if cell value="No" change it to red
  1. Create other sheets and name it day1, day2, other1, other 2 (depends how many times you want to do attendance)
  2. In chat, put a note similar to this -- Please put just your CAPID and nothing else in chat
  3. Copy from the line you put to the end of the CAPIDS
  4. Paste into a text editor (not necessary but it helps)
  5. Copy into column A of day1, day2 etc.
  6. Sort
  7. delete any lines that are not CAPID