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Office 365

As a nonprofit, CAP is eligible for FREE o365 tenants. To register for a nonprofit Office 365 license visit TechSoup ( You will need a copy of the IRS letter showing our Tax-exempt status and our 501(c)(3) status.

Tax Exempt Status

The Tax-exempt status form can be found here:

Tech Soup

Here is the link to the offering -

If you do not already have a TechSoup account you will need to create one which is where the IRS letter will be needed. They will walk you through what is needed and interact with Microsoft on your behalf.

I would suggest a subdomain delegation for DNS names, the pattern many wings have adopted is the following format, ex. is managed and requires the next higher command approval. This allows a higher commander in the process to ensure the member is fully aware of the do’s and don’ts with the.GOV and strict adherence to 120-1 usage of a .GOV email address.

Office 365 allows you to add as many domains as you wish, so handling the.GOV and the.ORG (.US) is fine. We can provide the delegated subdomain for the.GOV, but the.US or.ORG will require domain registration and management outside of NHQ.

Office 365 gives you the UI and great control via PowerShell scripts (however some things such as automation are best done via PowerShell).

For any further questions please contact