Functional User Group (FUG)

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Functional User Group (FUG)

The FUG consists of a Chairman and a Representative from each Region

How it works

  • The primary responsibility of the FUG to identify, evaluate and assist in the prioritization of field generated requirements based on their functional expertise and broad experience with eServices.
  • Help desk tickets for IT enhancements and fixes with viable workarounds are automatically routed to the FUG Chair who will coordinate the group’s evaluation.
  • Each request will be evaluated by at least 2 FUG members and discussed during the bi-weekly FUG meeting.
  • Recommendations regarding viable project proposals will be provided to the ITSC for scoring and prioritization.
Region Name
Chair Lt Col Timothy Medeiros
Northeast Region Lt Col Michael Sperry
Mid Atlantic Region Lt Col Timothy Day
Great Lakes Region Lt Col Mike Bodnarik
Southeast Region Lt Col Joe Knight III
North Central Region Col William E. Kay
Southwest Region Maj Jon Moser
Rocky Mountain Region Lt Col Kent Hopkins
Pacific Region MSgt Ira Rosenberg

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