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As part of the AF Total Force Program, CAP has been included in the AF purchase of the ForeFlight Military Flight Bag Performance application. All CAP pilots with a VFR rating or higher and cadets participating in approved CAP flight training programs are eligible to benefit from this free program. Due to the number of pilots wanting to take advantage of this benefit, the creation of member accounts is taking longer than expected, each account has to be manually processed. Please be patient and allow your account to be set up, emails to the Foreflight team slows the process. If you are new to Foreflight, you will receive a notification when your account is established. If you already have an account, please see section 10.3 of the FAQs to see how you'll know when your account has been established. The FAQs linked below will answer a majority of questions you may have. See the Frequently asked questions for more information

12 May 2021 CAP ForeFlight FAQ=

12 May 2021 CAP ForeFlight FAQ 1. Who is eligible?

1.1. CAP pilots with an active VFR Pilot in Ops Quals or higher. (This is your CAP VFR Pilot qualification not your FAA Certificate.)

1.2. The ForeFlight team will enroll all cadets currently participating in the Wings Program.

1.3. Cadets that are funding their own training or utilizing Wing or other local scholarship funds will need to reach out to the CAP NHQ ForeFlight team ( to be added after coordination with their chain of command.

1.4. CAP Glider Pilot Ops Qualification

1.5. CAP Balloon Pilot Ops Qualification

1.6. CAP Solo Pilot (Airplane, Glider, or Balloon) Ops Qualification

2. What additional requirements are there for CADETS in Flight training to get access?

2.1. Please have the Cadet answer the survey questions in FAQ #3.

2.2. If the cadet is under 18, we need an email from a parent approving release of the cadet’s email to ForeFlight as a vendor providing services to CAP.

2.3. We need an email with the Commander with concurrence that the cadet is on a flight training plan and should be provided a ForeFlight license.

3. How do I get access to the CAP ForeFlight account?

3.1. Email your responses to this ForeFlight Onboarding Survey to

3.1.1. Please provide your Last Name:

3.1.2. Please provide your CAPID:

3.1.3. Please Select the option that best describes how you would like us to setup your CAP ForeFlight Account: I do not have a personal ForeFlight account, please set one up for me using my eServices Primary email. I do not have a personal ForeFlight account, please set one up for me using my eServices Secondary email. I do not have a personal ForeFlight account, please set one up for me using my eServices ForeFlight Primary email. (You will need to enter that into eServices member contacts, and provide below.) I am not interested in receiving the CAP ForeFlight account. I am interested in receiving the CAP ForeFlight account but do not own a compatible device. I have a personal ForeFlight account, please move it over to the CAP parent account. The email address I use to log into ForeFlight is:

3.2. ForeFlight Onboarding Survey Response Format

3.2.1. Please email your response to Last Name: CAPID: Single Answer to question 3 above: Email address used to login, If you have an existing ForeFlight account: Is it currently under a subscription? Is it not under a subscription (expired)?

4. Naming convention in ForeFlight accounts

4.1. We need a quick way to see who we need to support, we ask that you leave the Name field populated in this format: Last, First – CAPID 4.2. Example: Templeton, Eric - 325403

5. ForeFlight Support Pages contain lots of great images and videos to provide you with support for the application.

5.1. ForeFlight Training is an extensive library of video and how to articles.

5.2. Which iPad models are supported and if different what versions of ForeFlight are supported by model?

5.2.1. iPad Models for ForeFlight

5.3. What iOS (operating system version) is required for ForeFlight to operate on my device?

5.3.1. Operating (iOS) systems for ForeFlight

5.4. Support (video) for Mil Training Routes (MTR)

5.4.1. MTR video

6. What ForeFlight service level is being provided?

6.1. ForeFlight Military Electronic Flight Bag with Performance.

6.2. This is ForeFlight’s highest level subscription.

6.3. Please note that Jeppesen charts / plates an add service in the ForeFlight application is not a funded option with this AF paid account.

7. Who is paying for this “free” ForeFlight account?

7.1. AF in its annual purchase for this fiscal year included CAP and CAP-USAF in its total force purchase.

8. What if I already have a ForeFlight account that I am personally paying for.

8.1. If you request we will move your personal paid account to the CAP parent account – CAP will use licenses that the AF paid for to cover the use of the application for this fiscal year.

8.2. Any funds you have unused (basic proration of your annual bill with ForeFlight) will be held on account with ForeFlight, until such time that you return to a personally paid account.

8.3. If you have just renewed (less than 31 days), ForeFlight may be able to refund your payment card for the full amount of your subscription.

9. If I transfer my account, What happens to my data (Flights, Aircraft, Logbook).

9.1. What belongs to you belongs to you!

9.2. All your data, old and anything new you do, is only visible to you!

9.3. You keep it with you after you move back to a personal paid account.

10. Who can see my ForeFlight flights and ForeFlight logbook entries?

10.1. Only you!

10.2. CAP provides the account funding from the AF purchase, and provides the download of CAP specific materials.

11. What information will CAP provide to me through ForeFlight?

11.1. Aircraft models will be shared to all CAP accounts.

11.1.1. Aircraft have been created for all CAP N-numbers.

11.1.2. Aircraft Managers / Pilots – if you find items that need to be corrected on the Aircraft setups, please email and let us know what needs to be updated. Include the N-number, issue that you feel needs to be corrected.

11.2. CAP Documents folders will be available.

11.2.1. Regulations, supplements, pamphlets, standards etc. right on your device!

11.2.2. Checklists for Airframe and Avionics.

11.2.3. Aircrew Training materials from NESA MAS.

11.2.4. What gets downloaded to your device is your decision, select or de-select

12. Will there be weight and balance information provided for each CAP aircraft?

12.1. Users can create individual weight and balance profiles.

12.2. Weight and balance profiles can be shared via email to individuals or groups.

12.3. Weight and balance profiles can’t be synced from parent CAP account to individual accounts.

13. What steps do I need to do on my devices to transfer my personal account to the CAP account?

13.1. Reply to the manual survey in FAQ #3 above.

13.2. After you reply to the manual survey the CAP ForeFlight team will work with the ForeFlight team to facilitate the account transfer. This process may take up to a week.

13.3. After ForeFlight makes the account transition, your subscription will show as Expired.

13.3.1. On each of your devices, tap "OK" on the Subscription Expired pop-up, then sign out of your ForeFlight account and sign back in, and the data from CAP (aircraft, documents, etc) should automatically sync to each device.

13.3.2. Sign Out / Sign In training available at:

14. What happens if I lose my CAP VFR Pilot status?

14.1. We all understand that life happens – we are not pulling anyone’s access to ForeFlight immediately if your medical, evaluation ride, or other requirement goes in-active.

14.2. However we do need to be good stewards of the funds that are being spent by the AF for access to ForeFlight.

14.3. If you remain non-current for an extended period of time (for now that is defined as three months) we will allow your access to continue during that period.

15. Device Compatibility and access to devices.

15.1. ForeFlight is an iOS only application.

15.2. The AF has funded only the ForeFlight licenses, not purchasing of personal hardware.

15.3. The application is available from the web and it’s not OS specific on the web.

16. Jeppesen approach plates.

16.1. ForeFlight or Jeppesen purchases of Jeppesen charts is not funded under this AF purchase.

16.2. If you need to keep your Jeppesen charts for any reason – keep your paid account, we are unable to move your Jeppesen subscription to the CAP account.

17. Cloud storage

17.1. CAP uses Dropbox to share the CAP specific documents with all the members of the CAP ForeFlight parent account.

17.2. The application does not support linked cloud document sharing at the sub-parent level.

17.3. If you have linked a personal (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box) with your personal ForeFlight account, when you transfer to the CAP account the link with be disconnected.

17.4. Your data stays with your Storage account, but is not available inside the ForeFlight application.

17.5. You may optionally individually import the items into the App.

17.6. You may use the native Dropbox, or Box applications to have the same data on your device.