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The eServices Testing Portal will be going away effective April 30, 2019

Civil Air Patrol NHQ IT have made an upgrade to our infrastructure that will improve the quality of system changes delivered to our end users. The change included standing up three identical environments (Development, Staging and Production) all using the same type of hardware, software and system settings.

Why are we doing this?

The primary benefit of setting up these environments will be increased quality of our application development, testing and release processes. Because the three environments have duplicate infrastructure, tested features will behave the same way in test as they will once released to production. The resulting defect reduction means that our end users will have an improved experience with eServices system changes, including application enhancements and infrastructure updates. In addition, developers can continue coding & deploying in the development environment without impacting ongoing testing activities or training. The Beta Testers will be the primary users of the eServices Staging Portal.

Other than the improved eServices experience, how does this project affect members?

• Members will no longer have unlimited access to the development environment as they do now. Members will have access to staging on a request only basis. If members need access to the staging environment to conduct local training, they can request access via the Help Desk application for a specific date range.

• To protect our members and staff information, the personal information is masked (set to invalid information) in the eServices Staging Portal.

• The new infrastructure provides us with an opportunity to enhance our testing processes and reengage with members identified as Beta Testers in eServices. The Application Team is developing more rigorous test planning and execution processes, supported by the new environment, that will ensure that testers’ valuable time and effort is well spent. We look forward to leveraging these new systems and processes to partner with our tester community again.

When will the change occur?

The eServices Testing Portal will be going away effective April 30, 2019