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Procedure for disposal of a CAP issued computer

Disposal of CAP property is addressed in CAPR 174-1. The regulation implements policies created by the Civil Air Patrol Senior Advisory Group (CSAG) and requirements contained in Congressional legislation, DoD Directive 3210.6R, DoD Grants and Agreements Regulations (DoDGARs), DoD Manual 4160.21-M, Defense Materiel Disposition Manual, and the Cooperative Agreement between Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and the United States Air Force. It establishes CAP’s standards of property management for obtaining, controlling and disposing of all forms of CAP property. The policies presented here are necessary to ensure the availability of resources for missions and assure CAP’s compliance with directives. Guidance for proper utilization and protection of CAP property is also included. Policies contained in this regulation are directive and apply to all volunteers and units including National Staff and employees, regions, wings, groups, squadrons and flights.

Paragraph 2-28 covers Retiring Property. Non-expendable items may only be removed from a CAP’s property inventory by following the retirement process in ORMS. The property’s source determines which approvals (wing, region, NHQ, CAP-USAF, etc.) are required for retirement.

Per NHQ/LG, CAP issued laptops having the current ORMS value less than $500 may be disposed of locally at the discretion and approval of the Wing or Region Commander. The hard drives must be either removed and destroyed or wiped using DoD level technology. Programs similar to ones found at CAP recommends a five (5) level wipe process. This will take some time and as much as a day to accomplish, plan accordingly. Once the drive has been removed or wiped the computer may be disposed of locally, preferably recycled. Obtain a receipt from the facility and forward to NHQ/LG for documentation in ORMS.