CAPF 5s and CAPF9s Report

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== "CAPF 5s and CAPF9s Given by Check Pilots in the Past Year" Heading text ==

To use the Report for sorting or filtering

  1. Download the excel "CAPF 5s and CAPF 91s given in the past year"
  2. Delete the first 4 lines (CAP Logo and title) TOP Line should be the headers Full Name Task Completed Aircraft Check Pilot
  3. Select Entire Speadsheet
  4. Click on Home > Merge & Center > Unmerge Cells
  5. Click on Home > Find & Select > Go to Special > Select Blanks
  6. Go to the first blank Cell that is highlighted
  7. Type = and the press Up Arrow (the cell should fill with the cell letter and Number
  8. Press CTRL + Enter
  9. Delete Column C and H (will have a #REF in them)
  10. Delete Bad rows at the bottom

To Fix the dates

  1. Select Column E
  2. type Ctrl-H (find/replace),
  3. in "Find What" field, type _Jan_ where the _ is really a blank
  4. in "Replace With" field, type -Jan-
  5. Click Replace All button or type Alt-A
  6. Repeat steps 3) to 5) for every month.

The report is then sortable