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Additional Resources

DOD Dictionary
FEMA Dictionary

Acronym/Abbreviation Spelled Out Definition
101 Card Civil Air Patrol Form 101 Wallet-sized form that lists all Emergency Services qualifications and supervised trainee status
1AF First Air Force USAF Component of NORTHCOM to which CAP is operationally assigned
ABU Airmen's Battle Dress Uniform USAF-style uniform authorized for CAP wear
ACC Air Combat Command USAF Command to which CAP-USAF is assigned
ACSC Air Command and Staff College Air Force officer Intermediate Developmental Education course for majors and major-selects
ADIS Advanced Digital Imagery System Photography mission type
AE Aerospace Education
AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center Air Force center that manages assignment of Air Force search and rescue in the United States
AWC Air War College Air Force officer Senior Developmental Education course for lieutenant colonels and Lt Col-selects
BDU Battle Dress Uniform Old USAF-style uniform authorized for CAP wear. Being phased out in 2021.
Bivouac Military camping typically with training activities. Usually a temporary encampment under little or no shelter. (pronounced BIV-wack)
BZ Bravo Zulu Navy term for "job well done"
CAP Civil Air Patrol USAF Auxiliary
CAPF Civil Air Patrol Form
CAPID Civil Air Patrol Identification (number) Unique number to identify each member
CAPP Civil Air Patrol Pamphlet Written guidance published by National Headquarters or subordinate units
CAPR Civil Air Patrol Regulation Written directive on policy published by National Headquarters
CAPS Civil Air Patrol Standard
CAP-USAF Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force USAF personnel assigned by 1AF to oversea the operations of the Auxiliary and monitor the spending of appropriated funds.
CC Commander
CCC Command Chief Master Sergeant
CCF First Sergeant (Cadet or Composite Squadrons Only)
CD Deputy Commander
CD Counterdrug Officer
CD Deputy Commander
CDC Deputy Commander for Cadets
CDC Deputy Commander for Cadets
CDI Character Development Instructor Senior Member who teaches character development classes for cadets
CDI Character Development Instructor
CDS Deputy Commander for Seniors
CFU Corporate Field Uniform Blue utility uniform. 
CI Compliance Inspection National Headquarters inspection of region and wing headquarters
CLC Corporate Learning Course Advanced Course for Senior Members to learn about CAP organization above the squadron
CMSAF Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
COP Certificate of Proficiency "Recognition for cadets who completed the cadet program prior to the current system"
COP Common Operating Picture "A single identical display of relevant information shared

by more than one command that facilitates collaborative planning and assists all echelons to achieve situational awareness. (DOD Dictionary)"

COV Corporate Owned Vehicle Vehicles owned by CAP
CP Cadet Programs
CPP Cadet Protection Program
CPPT Cadet Protection Program Training
CS Chief of Staff (Wing/Region)
CSAF Chief of Staff of the Air Force
CV Vice Commander
CWU Corporate Working Uniform a.k.a. polo uniform authorized for senior members only
DA Administration
DAART Domestic Awareness Assessment and Response Tool
DC Communications (Director)
DEV Development (NHQ Only)
DF Direction Finder "Equipment capable of receiving and tracking aviation marine and personal distress beacons on 121.5 243 and 406 MHz frequencies"
DIV Diversity Officer
DO Operations
DOC Counterdrug
DOH Homeland Security
DOS Emergency Services
DOV Standardization & Evaluation
DP Personnel
DR Disaster Relief
DSCA Defense Support of Civil Authorities "Authority used by DoD Components to support civil authorities to save lives mitigate suffering minimize serious property damage and protect vital infrastructure during a disaster."
E108 Electronic CAPF108 Request for reimbursement of mission expenses filed in WMIRS
E&T Education and Training Senior Member training program. Replaced Professional Development. Also known as ET
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter Aircraft beacon that triggers in a crash to help search teams locate the aircraft
ET Education and Training Senior Member training program. Replaced Professional Development. Also known as E&T
EXPLAN Exercise Plan The overall plan for the exercise
F&P Familiarization and Preparatory Training "The initial ""classroom"" "
FDU Flight Duty Uniform a.k.a. flight suit
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared "Thermal imaging system used by some CAP wings (NDWG WYWG) for DSCA/SAR"
FM Finance Officer
Form 5 Civil Air Patrol Form #5 Form used by CAP to approve pilot qualifications to fly CAP aircraft
FSX Full-scale Exercise Exercise that involves all field forces as well as mission management
FTL Field Team Leader VDEM qualification similar to Ground Team Leader
FTM Field Team Member VDEM qualification similar to Ground Team Member
GC General Counsel (NHQ Only)
GES General Emergency Services Initial training/exam for members starting emergency services training. Required for any ES participation.
GIIEP Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable
GR Government Relations Advisor (Wing and higher) Also may be called GRA
GREEN FLAG Mission Code Phrase Special CAP mission using specially equipped aircraft to train military sensor operators
GSA General Services Administration Federal agency that sets reimbursement rates for lodging and per diem (food)
GSAR (College) Ground Search and Rescue College VDEM course for Field Team Member (Ground Team Member) qualification
GTL Ground Team Leader
GTM Ground Team Member
HC Chaplain
HO Historian
HQ Headquarters "Management level in CAP above the squadron/chartered flight e.g. Group Wing Region National "
HS Health Services
IACE International Air Cadet Exchange
ICP Incident Command Post
ICS Incident Command System
ICUT Introductory Communications User Training Initial training to be able to operate CAP radios without supervision
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IG Inspector General (wing and higher)
IPP Initial Planning Point Point selected to begin planning for a search
IT Information Technology
JA Legal Officer (wing and higher)
LG Logistics
LGM Aircraft Maintenance Officer
LGS Supply Officer
LGT Transportation Officer
LKP Last Known Position "Point where  target was last known to be including use of clues not just last seen"
LPB Lost Person Behavior Behavior patterns of lost persons based on research and historical data
MALR Mid-Atlantic Liaison Region This is the CAP-USAF component aligned with MAR
MAR Mid-Atlantic Region "CAP region that includes Delaware Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Washington DC Virginia and West Virginia"
MOA Memorandum of Agreement Formal agreeement between two organizations that does not involve financial obligation
MOU Memorandum of Understanding Formal agreeement between two organizations that includes a financial obligation
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOA Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Focused training course for SSgt - CMSgt
NCSA National Cadet Special Activity
NGO Non-Governmental Organization "Private organizations such as churches and non-profit service groups that provide support to the community especially in disaster response"
NOC National Operations Center CAP's emergency operations center that authorizes CAP missions
NORTHCOM Northern Command Provides command and control of DoD homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities for USA
NRCC National Response Coordination Center FEMA response center to integrate Federal and Non-Governmental Organization response to disasters
NRF National Response Framework "Plan that establishes a comprehensive national all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. It presents the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies – from the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe"
NSC National Staff College Resident course for Senior Members teaching leadership and organization
OBC Officer Basic Course Fundamentals of officership and leadership for senior members. Required course for Level II of the Professional Development Program.
OPCON Operational Control
OPEX Operational Exercise Exercise that is geared to test specific function or skill set or group
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
Ops Eval Operations Evaluation AF inspection of each wing’s operations (emergency services) capability. Occurs every 2 years
Ops Quals Operations Qualifications Module in eServices to track Emergency Services and flight qualifications
ORM Operational Risk Management Also called RM-Risk Management
ORMS Organizational Resource Management System "CAP database to track equipment vehicles and aircraft"
PA Public Affairs
PD Professional Development
PLS Point Last Seen Point where target was actually seen
POA Probability of Area Probability that a search target is in a specified area
POC Point of Contact
POD Probability of Detection Probability that a search target will be found if it is in the search area
PODS Point of Distribution System "Location during disaster response where residents can pick up food water and supplies."
PODS Points of Dispensing Location during disaster response where residents can pick up medications.
POS Probability of Success Probability based on combination of POD and POA
POV Personally Owned Vehicles Vehicles owned by members
RCLS Region Cadet Leadership School
REDCAP A real world CAP mission May be any real mission (not exercise) assigned by AFRCC or the NOC
RM Risk Management Also called Operational Risk Management
RON Remain Overnight Module in WMIRS for approval to fund lodging and per diem (food) during a mission
ROW Rest of the World Area outside search area
RSC Region Staff College
SAR Search and Rescue
SAR Suspicious Activity Reporting Used by DHS and law enforcement
SAREX Search and Rescue Exercise Practice search and rescue mission
SE Safety
SIRS Safety Information Reporting System
SLS Squadron Leadership Course Course for Senior Members about how a squadron operates
SOS Squadron Officers School AF developmental education course for captains and captain-select
SQTR Specialty Qualification Training Record Form to track Emergency Services qualifications
SUI Subordinate Unit Inspection "Wing inspection program for units below wing level (groups/squadrons) conducted every 24 months"
TAG The Adjutant General Highest Commander in a State’s National Guard. In charge of Air and Army Guard. Selected by and reports to the governor.
TAG The Adjutant General
TLC Training Leaders of Cadets Course for Senior Members to learn about the cadet program. 3 levels available.
TSA The Spaatz Association Organization of individuals who earned CAP's General Carl A. Spaatz Award or Certificate of Proficiency
TTX Table-top Exercise Exercise that is restricted to management and may range quite a bit by type.
TUV Temporary Use Vehicles Vehicles rented or borrowed by CAP
UCC Unit Commanders Course Course for Senior Members to learn about being a unit commander
UDF Urban Direction Finding Mission to locate Emergency Locator Transmitters (emergency beacons)
USAF United States Air Force
v/r very respectfully Used as a closing statement before a signature block
VAWG Virginia Wing
VDEM Virginia Department of Emergency Management "Virginia state agency responsible for search and rescue state support in disasters etc."
VDOA Virginia Department of Aviation Virginia state agency
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VOAD Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disasters Primarily a church oriented group that assists in disaster response.
WA Wing Administrator
WMIRS Web Mission Information Reporting System "CAP's online database to track missions sorties aircraft and funding"
XO Executive Officer
XP Plans and Programs