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FUG Meeting Notes

Date: 21 February 2021
Attendance: Lt Col Tim Medeiros (Chair), Lt Col Joe Knight, III (SER), Col William E. Kay (NCR), Lt Col Mike Bodnarik (GLR), Lt Col Michael Sperry (NER), Lt Col Kent Hopkins (RMR), Maj Rachel Knowles (MAR), MSgt Ira Rosenberg (PCR)
Missing: SWR Rep
Agenda: 1. Tickets

Send to ITSC

65663 Report of Members that did not renew. – This would help with IG inspections at all levels as well as ensure that personnel officers have visibility on member records under their care.


65842 Update Lat/Long in member address in CAPWATCH – From a user point of view the inconsistency in the Lat/Long entries seems like a bug.

Design Issue

65680 CDI cannot enter Aerospace Education Support in CAPF 34 (CAPCCARS) report – In our view CDI and Chaplain entry options should be the same, especially with the incoming changes to the CDI program.

On Hold


Sent to NHQ for work/questions


Training Issue/Sent back to User for information

65579 FRO Support Report Info – Best way to get this information is via the CAPF 104 in WMIRS. The contact information for each sortie is often tailored to the aircrew involved and not always representative of what is in the pilots eServices record.
65828 Commander Approval Requested for Driver’s License – Commander approval is already required unless delegated. This is similar to any other approval workflow in OpsQuals.
65861 GES – Cadet protection training is a requirement of level 1 and is therefore already tracked on the GES worksheet.


65722 e-services – Member Characteristics Suggestion – The FUG feels that this information is not appropriate for eServices, especially given security requirements surrounding medical information.
65723 Member Photo – e-services – Members and their commanders are already responsible for ensuring their records are complete.
65785 Unit Websites – There are already processes and controls to manage CAP websites and CAP Internet Operations.
65803 Recruiting – Online Referral and Tracking System – Units already have methods in place to track new members and mentorship.