07 Feb 21 FUG Meeting Notes

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FUG Meeting Notes

Date: 07 February 2021
Attendance: Lt Col Tim Medeiros (Chair), Lt Col Joe Knight, III (SER), Col William E. Kay (NCR), Lt Col Mike Bodnarik (GLR), Lt Col Michael Sperry (NER), Lt Col Kent Hopkins (RMR)
Missing: SWR Rep, Maj Rachel Knowles (MAR), MSgt Ira Rosenberg (PCR)
Agenda: 1. Tickets


1. Tickets

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65306 Typo + Slight Error – User identifies two issues, one is a typo, the other is a bug (birth date not being updated).
65578 FRO Report e-mails – The FRO Support Listing has fields for email address and phone numbers that do not appear to pull data, the report shows “n/a” for these entries.

Design Issue


On Hold

65552 Professional Development Report – Select by UNIT and Specialty Track – Not a high priority, currently the PDR serves the overall need along with the Specialty Track Report.


65253 Email Signature Blocks – Standardization of images and versions of images used by the field – This is more an issue for PA or DA.
65555 A9 Missions – WMIRS Permissions – A9 missions are not intended for instruction of any variety.
65556 Feedback per CAPF 60-90 Series – Information can be entered at time of promotion, unsure why it would need to be changed from that.
65574 Mission Files section in WMIRS does not allow uploading of files with current Microsoft Office extensions – easily editable files are not allowable due to this being a system of record for ES, Ops, and FM.